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Who am I?

My name is Fawn, but my friends call me Don.

I grew up with the dream of being a doctor thrusted on to me at a young age. I went to school, got two science degrees and... ended up in the corporate world. 

For the last 13 years my corporate job was my identity. My life was governed by my never ending todo list and climbing the corporate ladder. At 30 years old I was running a 10M business with 200+ employees. I was really doing it!  But still felt that there just had to be something more. My whole life was governed by a to do list and when I looked at that list not one thing on there supported my health, wealth, interests, relationships... do I really need to go on?


So I broke up with my todo list and made a GET to do list life.

Now, I coach women who want to lead AND live AND love their best lives. From leadership, to holistic practises, to self empowerment, to trauma healing, to business framework, to capitalizing profit, and finding the nuggets of knowledge that are outside of our comfort zones. My true passion lies in the "a-ha!" moments my clients have when we create the framework of their own freedom. 

Reaching QueenPin status is attainable, within reach and ours for the taking. 

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